Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome to you...

The unique Spiritual Theatre method consists of combining pantomime, physical theatre, and improvisation techniques and exercises with the focus on personal development, spontaneity, joy, creativity and spirituality…

The workshops are a space of playfulness, laughter, and discovery, a place where you get to be both audience and actor and open your mind and soul for a new way of looking at life.

Beatriz Chacel first created this method in 2012 and has been teaching, refining & readapting since then.

The spiritual theatre is definitely an opportunity for you who are passionate about theatre and wish to have the chance to perform in front of an audience, you who are committed to developing yourself and becoming more self-aware, if you are curious and love to try new things, and of course, if you are an actor and want to improve your acting skills.

Meet the teacher

Born in Brazil and grew up in Austria, Beatriz traveled the world as a young street performer and studied physical theatre and pantomime at the artist school “Die Etage” in Berlin.

After living and contributing to the spiritual community and Ecovillage Piracanga in Brazil for over 5 years, Bea decided to join her skills as a theatre teacher with her passion for self-developement, creativity, and spirituality.

She is passionate about shamanism, breath work, body language, non violent communication, authentic movement and meditation.

Beatriz facilitates workshops for small and large groups for over 10 years, has extensive experience in directing scenes, and producing shows, as well as training young actors.

Also, she is the mother of 2 amazing little humans and goes surfing whenever possible.

What people say about the workshops...

“Bea’s workshops are a refreshing antidote to dissociation from physical and emotional experiences.”
Joe patch
Life coach
A great opportunity to observe our mind patterns, step out of our personalities, and play whatever comes with no judgment neither resistances. I want much more!
Munay Moon
A space for self-discovery and experimentation. Beatriz has a lot of experience and knows how to create a safe and playful atmosphere. I love to be guided to spontaneity and creation.
Melina Ture